Brand Identity Design

"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.- Walter Landor

Brands are an intangible experience. A product’s attributes; its name, packaging, positioning, its rich history, perceived value, reputation and more – all together, form a Brand. A Brand is bascially the customer’s perception of a product, service or corporation. A brand has protocols like any other forms of communication. A brand’s identity – is individuality with its own set of DNA. It is made up of many things; a logo identifies a Brand in its simplest form.

A Logo doesn’t sell the company’s products directly and very rarely does it describe a business. A Logo is the corporate identity and a brand all wrapped up into one unique mark. It is a brand attribute & it should represent a business in the best way possible. In a nutshell, a logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing that it symbolizes. In an immensely crowded marketplace, we make sure that your logo sends out the right message for your business. With visualization beyond your imagination, we specialize in architecting your brand DNA. We understand your vision, history, product, values, short term and long term goals and other integral characteristics which define your individuality and interweave these to create your Brand DNA.

Let’s think of a logo in a different way. Logos are like an avatar. The way we remember people’s names to identify them, in the same way, a logo’s foremost purpose is to literally identify the business in a way that is both recognizable and memorable. Color scheme is a major consideration in logo designing. The choice of color creates brand recognition with customers. For example, the Coca-Cola brand consistently uses a red and white color scheme. Everything from product packaging to displays in retail stores to advertisements has predominantly used the same color scheme, and as a result Coca-Cola is considered to be one of the strongest brands in the world.

The success of your company may become roaring and incredible with the right brand identity. The Brand Identity after all is your vision, mission, your personality defined. Not only are the symbiotic implication of gradients, textures, colors important to us, our creative team can also translate your verbal ideas into the beginning of a brand set to take the world by storm.

Whether you are an existing brand and want to revamp and recreate your brand identity or want to start something new altogether– we can design the right language making sure that the grammar is right. Get in touch with our brand experts today and we would be happy to help.

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