Cloud Development

The Cloud – and Cloud Development is the latest trending platform for developing applications to work online. The biggest advantage of Cloud Development is Scalability. Since it is more like a Plug and Play Architecture, it can take care of most security, platform relevant requirement and scalability issues.

Current marketplaces are being developed on the basis of software as a service (SAAS), infrastructure as a service (IAAS), platform as a service (PAAS)grid computing systems. These are bascially multiple computers working on a single applicationas well as utility computing where you have to pay for the usability. Cloud computing is an evolutionary platform developed taking in from the best of all evolution till date.

The name ‘cloud’ has been derived from the symbol which is created by the intricate infrastructure of the system diagrams. Cloud computing can be elucidated as the model where important applications and information are stored in several servers. It forms a platform to appropriately adjust resources with the ever growing demand of scale and demand. Thus, the moment your demand increases, the resource volume is tweaked and you pay on the volume of resources you require instead of owning a whole infrastructure. The core benefits that you get from this are reliability, support, cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability.

Companies such as Amazon have released Amazon Web Services; Microsoft has released Microsoft Azure and many others their own proprietary Cloud Platform. The advantages of using the cloud development platform are getting premade modules built for scale.

dharma h., a Microsoft Certified Independent Software Development Company, has taken an initiative towards cloud computing. Using what we know about dynamic knowledge and information on cloud development, we develop custom applications and have ready-made applications which are developed for the Cloud and are Cloud Ready.

Years of experience and numerous successful deployments and implementations in the field of information technology has given us that edge to architect and built complex hybrid and cloud based applications.

The possibilities in the future of cloud computing are endless. The cloud could be making way for a consolidated platform for your future gamut of services and online ventures. Starting from the ability to have a homogeneous service level agreement across various solutions to the creation of integrated platform for secured data - cloud computing surely has a lot of potential.

We at dharma.h are developing applications on and for the Cloud.

Please feel free to drop us a message, our Cloud Experts would be glad to assist you. We can assist and even partner with you on your Cloud Development endeavors. 

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