Content Management System

"Change is the only constant." 

We live in a world of dynamics. Everything around us is continously changing. The dynamics of business are changing every moment and is in a state of continuous evolution. Markets are rising and crashing. We are living in a world of flux. So - shouldn't information on your website also change and get updated to match the changing dynamics of your business?

Websites are getting more effective and functional. Websites are your functional conmmunicative or information delivery platform to your target audience. To get repeat audience on your website, you need to have information which is updated frequently. Content which reflects the changing dynamics of your corporation or line of business. For this, you need a customized Content Management System wherein which you can simply update information at realtime. You can also update your website with zero time lag from the time an event occurs to the time it is on your website so that it can become known to your target audience.

So whether it involves extracting data from pre-made Excel sheets, PDF's, Doc's into the website or syndicating RSS Feeds to keeping the information on your website upto date and seamless with nearly zero human errors. You need a Content Management System (CMS), built around your information to simplify your content update and delivery process. You need something with a low or zero learning curve and something which is completely customized to your Website Design and functionality. 

At dharma.h we've built our own proprietary Content Management System (CMS) core - which can be customized to your web objectives. This allows you to think of your website from the core functional objective for whichit is designed, i.e. to deliver on time, updated, accurate information to your target audience about your corporation in a simple palatable format.

Our CMS - takes care of generic functions, such as dynamic SEO, Sitemaps, Article, Events and other Content Management requirements, Excel Imports, Data Analysis and Basic Business Intelligent (BI) Reporting, Admin Management, User Audits, User Registration, Passwords, Forgot Password, Generic Reports and more details. Websites needs to be fast. No one wants to wait for a Website to load. Our CMS's core is enabled with layers of caching, using reliable distributed CDN's (content delivery netowrk) - so that your website loads in seconds.

We understand the dynamics of information and have designed and developed a Content Management and Distribiution System - which can be easily managed, controlled and audited. We have the core ready for you. We can customize it, build around it - to get to the delivery which fulfils your core objective of simple on-time information update.

Get in touch with us with your requirement. We can build you something which works simply, brilliantly and efficiently to fulfill your requirement for dynamics.

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