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“Knowledge is change – and accelerating knowledge-acquisition, fuelling the great engine of technology, means accelerating change." – Alvin Toffler.

Business has become more information centric. Processes have evolved. There is knowledge created in every activity, process and transaction. It is the ability to analyse, understand and possibly build on this vast amount of information – this is what makes a business DNA.

The changing dynamics, knowledge and technological insight are providing fine grain controls for process design. Cost, competition, value and business proposition are factors that are pushing businesses to tweak their processes and come up with individualised strategies. Every business DNA is under a state of constant evolution. However close or however similar the industry – the requirement to build a strong competitive edge – has called for individualised and parallel process discovery and implementation. Whether the business has discovered its own trail or is in the main stream – it will develop more dynamics to increase efficiency, both in terms of cost and produce.

The very requirement of tailor made identity calls for the development of unique customized processes and systems. Right from architecture, process analysis and process re-engineering to phased deployment – making solutions successful ones– it needs to work in the process your business works. These can be Software Solutions such as ERP, Supply Chain, CRM Solutions, Quality Control, Statistics and Market Analysis, E-commerce or any other Process Automation application – the requirement and strategic processes are unique for different businesses in the same or different industries.

Industries are deploying ready-made software solutions and customizing various modules – however, they aren’t able to get a snug fit solution which forms a coaxial support to their business processes. Instead there are tertiary disintegrated applications on the side which are built to manage various micro processes individually.

These, instead of providing the basic motive of information integration, lead to staggering growth of information management in the organization. Asides implementation issue – the business dynamics require continuous change in tandem with its evolutionary process. Business needs plenty of change and “Change Management” needs to be agile. Rebuilding and managing pre-fabricated software to adapt to continuous change is a challenging task. Thus, the need for custom solutions that can be built around the business, to leverage growth and agile change management, is the ideal solution for businesses today.

At dharma.h – we understand your business objective and build applications based on reliable, robust, secure, scalable technology and platforms. These can add to the integrated core value of processes, information, asset management and can extend to become control centres of your businesses. At dharma.h – we do not believe in re-inventing the wheel. We believe in improvising it. We use our best talent, technology and business architecture to brew a system which can be scaled to fit your organization.

We have built over the years a knowledge and technology capital which can be fused to deliver integrated solutions for your business management. Whether you are looking at vertical management, micro management, cross vertical management or macro integration – dharma.h can provide you with the best custom application development for your business needs.

dharma.h are Microsoft Certified Custom Software Application Development Partners. We have rolled out our own proprietary products which are used across the industry by organizations of varying sizes at different levels of progression and growth.

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