Custom Web Application Development

Websites are no longer used for the purpose of being static catalogues for your organization and businesses. They are now built to integrate and display real time information, assist in managing workflows and processes for your business and more. Be it vendor management, purchase management, floating a tender or supply chain management, customer relationship management or simply information display such as displaying your financial information to your investors or any such process - businesses are online.

Time, has indeed virtually shrunk. We live longer every day with the advent of technology. The work time curvature has undergone a paradigmatic shift. The time taken for communication of information to make decisions and the time taken to arrive at a decision versus the quality of decisions has vastly improved and is continuously evolving.

Integration of processes reduces time lags leading to increased efficiency and synchronization of various functional parameters of your organization. Parameters get better defined. Decisions become “Information” and "System" based. Time and Work ratio is undergoing continuous shifts. There is way more business analytics, business intelligence, business integration and introspection. People are continuously defining and re-defining their work process to better optimize their resources and time.

Discovery. Application. Impact. Discovery – is more proactive.

Businesses have compartmentalized into various Partner functions. The Partner Model of business requires cross business integration. This leads to the need of being able to communicate with another system and make use of information proactively across platforms. The Web comes in as the communication platform between different businesses for exchange of real time information.

At the core of all businesses lies the core objective - supported by convenience, optimization, value creation and improving time resource equations. Businesses are global and social. In this era of information every interaction generates voluminous amount of data across platforms. Data needs to be real time, processes need to be engineered and reengineered and this very imperative requires robust, scalable, custom solutions that perfectly match  your business processes.

Business is location independent. “Plug and Play” offices makes offices a simplistic real estate or a functional production centre. These locations come to life as soon as they are plugged into the “Web”. The “System” developed for it is ready to control, monitor, audit and manage the production platform.

A well-structured online process interlinked with creative and innovative design can assist in creating what your organization would need to stand out from the crowd and speak its own saga. At dharma.h – we understand your core business objectives and deliver nothing but the best in class technology developed in tandem with your processes, scale, security and custom needs – so that your organization can excel in its area of core value creation.

Why custom and why not ready made or open source? The problem with open source or readymade applications is that you try to build your business around the solution instead of builing a solution for your business. The prime focus of your business objective is lost in trying to achieve the sync between your process and the solution. Ideally, it would be best if we could use the best of all worlds.

This is where custom web applications, custom solutions and custom software development comes to your advantage.

We at dharma.h with years of understanding of business, technology and solution architecture have built core modules required for various processes. These core modules have been deployed and tested in small and large scale deployments and are even used in our proprietary Products online.

We understand the sync between technology and processes. Thus, the ready-made core provides you with the advantage of reusability of an open source or readymade software along with reliability, security, flexibility and robustness of a tailor made integration. Our custom application solution helps you get the advantage of a pre-modeled solution built on your custom requirements. This provides you with the best of all worlds seamlessly integrated online for cross business, cross geography and cross platform deployment and control.

Another advantage of custom web applications is its adaptability and the integration to the quintessential tools which your organization might use to serve various process verticals such as production operative controls or other such applications.

dharma.h are a Microsoft Certified custom software development company. We understand reliability and we understand roadmaps. At the core – we understand your business and provide you with the solution which makes it work proficiently. Get in touch with our Custom Solution Expert and we can analyze, understand and engineer your next integrated solution online – which will add intrinsic value to your core business objective.

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