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The Social Media has taken the world by storm. It's the people component of the society on a platform - easily reachable and accessible. People - are the core of any business. It is the ultimate mass, the target audience, the critic, the advisor and the one who recomends and likes. Facebook maybe a power platform for social / viral activity - however, it is alos crucial to understand how to use it for proactive growth.

The objective of the Web - is to connect and engage. We build websites. We optimize them for Search Engines. We make them dynamic and functional. We use it as a platform of engagement. Thus, it is equally important to be omni present - and you really don't have to be "GOD" to be omni present in the virtual world. You simply have to be beautifully and effectively omni present for your target audience.

Facebook Page designing is a very different kind of content delivery platform. Here, you are connecting to the masses at large. You are able to use the power of Viral Networking. It is this place where you are on an open connect. You are vulnerable. Control, audits and processes needs to be in place. Reputation is at stake. You can use the power of this platform to work for you or against you.

At dharma.h we understand Social Media. We understand the dynamics of virality. We can help you build and manage effective Facebook Pages using a Facebook Micro Site. These are customized for the Facebook layout and with the help of using open or custom made apps to make your Facebook Page more effective. We help design and develop functional use of this viral platform to work for you.

Facebook Pages are a start to your online presence amongst the society at large. The Facebook Page is designed to produce information which can be accessed inside the "Facebook" platform - making use of the functional API's which Facebook has to share. We also build social enabled applications. 

Having a Facebook page - does not end the purpose of an effective Facebook Page. You need to manage it, market it and share it. We also help you engage, monitor, market and audit your Facebook Page.

To know more about our continous social marketing function, get in touch with our Social Media and Digital Marketing advisors. We can help study, understand and suggest how you can use the Viral platform to build and grow your online Social Media Presence.

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