Mobile Enabled Websites

The evolution of devices grown around convenience and mobility has prioritized and epitomized the primary objective - that of convenience and on-time information. Mobile Devices are growing at a fanstastic rate bleaking the difference between computers and handhelds. Interactivity and navigation has undergone a paradigm shift. Navigation and User Interfaces are built for touch and small / varied screen size displays.

People are requiring to access information on the move. Making information available on Mobile and other Handheld devices has become equally imperative. The new crowded and growing real estate is the application screen of mobile devices. Mobile Website designing involves understanding deliverance of information on small screen. Websites with information which looks good even when pinched, zoomed or rotated vertically or horizontally.

The challenge here is in building through employment of innovative and creative interaction design techniques. Designing and Building Mobile Websites which are not only simple, beautiful and adaptable in layouts, but which alos deliver your information easily across numerous devices supporting varied layouts. The Mobile Website is adapative to the short term evolutionary curve of future devices.

Evolutionary devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian Devices, Android Devices or other Mobile Devices and Tablets are all built on different platforms. As a part of the evolutionary curve - these devices have evolved to support various functionalities. Enabling routing facitilities like getting to your nearest location based on the locational position of the user with the help of a GPS have enabled more objective based value deliverance through these devices.

Intutive interfaces enabled for Human Interaction such as Touch or Keypad or both, the use of a Trackball or a thumb and the vast gamut of information structured to be delivered in an organized format so that it is valueable information on a small screen and not just noise - requires professional designing married with technology. We at dharma.h, provide you with the best init Mobile Applications or Mobile enabled Websites or Functional Mobile Websites - all designed to assist you in your value creation pyramid.

Value creation! The final bridge which every business wants to achieve. Having a Mobile enabled Website - is a step ahead in the evolutionary curve and being present in the omni-present Virtual Space. Check out some of our works. Get in touch with us and our experts will help you in getting your website Mobile Enabled.

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