Newsletter and Email Marketing

"Amen is like the Send button on an email." – Steve Toltz

Digital Marketing is evolving and businesses will do anything to get target audience to its website. Newer and more intelligent avenues are being invented and created to discover target audience. Search Engine MarketingSocial Media Management and Social Discovery, advertising on certain sites and one of the most proficient methods - email and newsletter marketing are a few techniques to connect and engage with your target audience.

Newsletter and Email Marketing is a very powerful tool. It needs to be used aptly to get better mileage. It finds its origin from principles of Direct Marketing and the age old technique of sending out Snail Mails – but with added advantage of technology. Technology makes all the difference. It changes the very DNA of Direct Marketing when looked at from the perspective of Newsletters and Email Marketing.

Newsletters and Email Marketing is an engagement tool. Engagement should be objective and strategy driven. Strategy needs to be built upon interaction and knowledge. A few salient aspects to be considered when designing a strategy for Email and Newsletter Marketing are namely: Segmentation, Content, Design, Target, Relevance, Personalization, Action Plan on Interaction, Frequency, Subscription and Unsubscription Management, Social Enabling your Emails and finally continuous Testing, Measurement, Analysis and Tweaking.

Continuous customer profiling and insight into his interaction pattern assists in strategy formulation. The logical strategy is defined and determined by the core objective of the campaign. Strategy helps in making Newsletter and Email Campaign interesting and successful. The Information designed for a customer is customized to lure him into fulfilling the campaign’s objective.

Email and newsletters maintains a relationship with your customers and prospects that have residual value far beyond their visits to your website. It works as a proactive Tool to continuously be in touch with your customers and prospects. It also helps by increasing Brand Value and Product knowledge.

Newsletter and Email Marketing beats its competition from a measurability and ROI standpoint any day. It is one of the most effective media when considering other tools for Digital Marketing. It creates direct engagement, recurring visits and recurring converts keeping competition at bay.

Email and Newsletter Marketing can help you measure various statistics relating to the campaign, such as response rate, demographics, total recipients, total success, total newsletter views, number of unique newsletter viewers, newsletter share and forwards, URL’s clicked, Newsletter Heat Map and other important statistics. Newsletter and Email Marketing sounds pretty simple – but should be planned to obtain maximum ROI.

There’s no point in emailing people who are not interested in your newsletter any more. The email inbox is a noisy busy place for a newsletter to land. Hundreds of other emails are already on the pile. Your user is probably not waiting with bated breath for your email to arrive. Your newsletter shouldn’t waste their time. We make sure your users navigate to a page, perform a task, and continue down the page to a logical finishing point.

At dharma.h, we understand Email and Newsletter Marketing. We create, design and manage your email and newsletter campaigns. We understand the DNA of Newsletter and Email marketing and can create, manage and technologically provide for a complete end to end Email and Newsletter Marketing Solution.

We have developed a technologically advanced product specifically for email and newsletter marketing – Graymail. For more information on Graymails – please visit:

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll have your Email and Newsletter Campaign designed, developed and managed from start. Be it building a list of target audience for clients, creating customized & eye-catchy templates, ideating campaign strategy based on specific objective or tracking the desired result of the campaign – we will do it all. Give us a shout and our Experts will help you get started.

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