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"Beauty of style & harmony & grace & good rhythm depend on Simplicity" – Plato

Design is Visual Communication. Design follows a discipline, it has its objectives and protocols like any other form of communication. Print Media aand Design has existed in some form, right from the inception of the need to communicate till now. Print Media and Design has evolved since then. It has been creatively toyed and experimented with. Print Design like any other form of communication aims at the deliverance of a thought or a message, to achieve desired impact in the minds of the target audience. The only difference between print design and other forms of communication – is that print design is more muted. It’s a one side delivery – more like elocution versus a conversation or a debate.

Print Design in the current era – involves designing of Brochures, Leaflets and Handouts, Packaging, Letterheads and Visiting Cards, Reports, Diaries, Covers, Hoardings, Standees and other such forms of communication. Whether it is marketing, product information, corporate communication or any other form of communication – the core lies in designing around the message it is meant to deliver. Thus, the impetus lies in understanding and structuring the message the communication is designed to deliver.

We decipher the message, structure it, make it simple, and even build a story around it so that it’s palatable and more effective on delivery. We understand the DNA or a business, its core competency, its existing brand identity and its target audience. Our in house creative capital thereon works on wireframes and prototypes to achieve and design the right layout for your business.

Our creative team understands the message and then with the help of typography, design, illustrations, photographs and other design elements blends and rolls out an effective Print Media layout apt for your business. We design around your brand, in keeping with the objective to increase recall value.

It is imperative that your design is a visual contentment for the audience. Aesthetic and Design are visual perceptions of the mind. Design betters with maturity. You let the prototype rest. You think and you re-think. Design is visual introspection. It’s a discovery. It needs maturity, creativity and most importantly – it needs to be oriented. You need the understanding of space and the elements you want to use in that space for free flow of the core message – the objective behind the design. At dharma.h – we understand the requirement for effective design. Our Brand Design Consultants work with the creative team in tandem to achieve the apt spruced up layout which will hopefully raise eyebrows.

Click here to contact us. We would love to work on sprucing up your print identity and rolling out a layout which works for your business.

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