Product / Package Design

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Your product and its packaging is like a 3D advertisement of your brand. It has just one aim, which is to attract your customers. What does your Product and Package Design express? Does it have what your consumers want to see? The Product and Package Design needs to be created using elements that appeal to your consumers, communicate brand information to them and boost promotional activities.   

The primary goal of a Product and Package Design, asides the utilitarian value is to create an emotional engagement with its target. Package Design like other forms of design has been evolving over the years. There has been a lot of experimentation in trying to create a niche for the product over its competition with the aid of the right design. Creative, innovative and experimental approach provides differentiation over the competition at point of sale. It helps in creating, enhancing and communicating the Brand DNA. Effective use of the right visual elements, graphics, colours, fabrication, product and its packaging architecture assists in creating the right image in the consumers mind. 

When you go shopping, the first physical point of contact between your product and you is the packaging. Are the vital stats of your packaging good? Does it help your product to stand out? Packaging is the last step of your promoiotnal mix strategy and if done right can increase your customer base.. Packaging helps you to create a connection with your consumer and if the product mix is right – you could be looking at a long term connection.

Packaging shrink wraps your product and brand DNA into the targets minds. It is a lot of communication and structure, information, target, objective, competition all must be taken into account before creating something elusive.

Packaging has two aspects: one is functional, and the other is promotional. The functional aspect is to keep the product safe and in perfect condition until it reaches the end user. The promotional aspect is to make sure that the user buys your product over other similar product. Package Design requires seamless interweave of logistics, feasibility, and harmony between utilitarian and promotional objective.

Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing and protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. At dharma.h, we provide professional product and package design services that can provide the required competitive edge to deliver higher sales! Our passion for designing has helped us create brand identity for many big names. At dharma.h, we evaluate and conceptualize ideas, experiment and make them into something that is real and tangible. We combine creativity, strategic thinking and interweave it with human interaction to come up with designs which work.

We are thrilled to visualize and create your product and package mix. Get in touch with our Product and Package Design Consultants and we would create the next best product and its package for your brand.

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