Social Application Development

The importance and the wide spread reach of the Social Media are known to all. The potential of connectivity and the "live life” aspect of information is all Social media. It not only connects people to people but also businesses to people. It is the people part of technology.

Social Media is still in an evolutionary phase with the future lying ahead of us. Social Media is more like the human face of businesses. Customers can interact with businesses like they would with another connection or friend. It does become largely crucial and imperative for businesses to open up and use the information and the platform to its advantage.

Social media is viral. It helps connect and discover your target audience. The potential of prospect discovery is a whole new realm with the social media. With the changing face of businesses and the online marketplace – being connected and discovering information about your Target Customer is crucial. With the help of social media, besides prospect discovery, it helps you analyze and understand your target audience even better. It helps you understand his / her friends, likes, dislikes and helps you profile the user into various aspects for better analysis of your target audience. Besides analysis – it helps you proactively connect to a like minded set of people – the target prospect for your businesses.

Social Media – is growing. There are newer apps and Social Enabled platforms which are coming into the limelight. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Google Plus and many more social enabled platforms enable and provide Open API for development. The API’s assist in discovering and knowing more about the user and using the User information to make application for businesses.

Websites, CRM, Emails and other online endeavors are all becoming social enabled. Capturing, analyzing and enacting based on profiles help achieve far greater concentrated results for businesses. Be it e-commerce or any other online endeavor – user information can be used proactively for businesses in multi-dimension. The development using Social Media is at its inception and the power to innovate and improvise using the platform is unfathomable.

Apart from robust social marketing management, social media has proven to have more media presence compared to that of any other medium-television, radio as well as the prints and Out of Home (OOH) medium.

We at dharma h. have developed and are continually developing applications meant for the Social Media Platform. Whether it is developing new applications or upgrading existing applications to the upcoming upgrades and integration of the Social Media, the Mobile Platform or custom applicatio. We at dharma.h help you develop all, Social Enabled Ecommerce, Newsletters, Social Discovery Platforms and more.

With our experience, which began from the inception of social media, we understand and help you reach your creative forefront, your topline of an integrated environment.

At dharma.h, we have developed applications for Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIN, Twitter and more. We have made use of the Development API for Social Media and have created the upcoming integrated application which will define the future of applications to come.

Get in touch with our Social Media and Digital Marketing Gurus who can discuss and toy with your idea and with the ideal concoction to build the right solution for your business. Leave us a message and we’ll be glad to take your discussion ahead.

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