Social Media Management

Buzz used to be intangible. Now no longer.

Social Media is the new buzz which has sprung up in the last few years and has taken the world by storm. It has gained impetus over other forms of communication as it provides a platform for free flow communication between companies and customers or targets. In a social age, people like to voice their ideas and opinionate. Purchase and Reputation is more opinion driven than only “Brand” driven.

Top brands like Apple, Google, Nike and many more have developed strategies and created a new model based on pulling rather than pushing. Corporates have evolved and adapted to the era of open communication and social opinion-ing. Evolution has created an open minded approach which includes more precarious handling and management of the open social platform. This evolution has been a boon. Corporates are creating Social Gravity around their brand and inviting customers to express and share experiences.

The new strategy for social gravity is:

  • Content
  • Conversation
  • Collaboration and
  • Contribution

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, SlideShare, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs and a zillion other Social Media platforms are less about advertising and more about creating, nurturing and developing a more direct relationship.

Social Media is all about Human Connections. You have a diverse geography logged on through online sharing, opinionating and open for communication. Depending on your target demographic, audience profile, different strategies needs to be woven to create and manage the Social Media platform. Whether you have a fast moving consumer good, a serious B2B Product Line, or a niche product catering to a very specific audience, you can proactively use the Social Media.

The Social Media is a low investment, high return exercise and is a must for online reputation management and brand value creation.

Social Media platform is a proactive and responsive one that attracts and creates quality leads. You can create awareness for your new business. You can connect with like minded people. You can market cohesively and maybe spend more marketing capital on the right set of people you’d like to communicate with. You can entice the target market. Create more value to your website. It can increase sales for Ecommerce sites. Being active in social media with a strategy can help create and attain higher brand awareness. The possibility of creating more converts from visitors increase.

Social Media is all about Engagement. It’s about getting your social strategy right. It’s about having the right “voice”, the right “story” and the right “engagement model”.

We at dharma.h understand your brand DNA, your target audience, and build and develop a strategy and engagement model. The engagement model could be in the form of content or social applications built around interaction and responsiveness. We ensure brand value enhancement, brand reputation management, community building through creation of relevant posts, contests, promotions and campaigns. We work towards building a holistic strategy for your brand. So, if you are serious about your face on the social media and want to utilize this powerful platform to increase sales, brand value or strengthen and nurture relationships, get in touch with us today. We can help you create a simple, solid framework mingled with a strong strategic intent customized for your brand. If you don’t have your company page up on social media platform yet, stop pushing and get in touch with us so that we can start creating Social Gravity for you!

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