Software as a Service (SaaS) Development

Businesses are looking at adaptive processes that will help them to increase competitive advantage, while keeping costs under control. With the changing dynamics of technology and continuous evolution of processes to improvise functional objectives, businesses want to extract functional benefits without burning capital.

There is a seemingly large growth of innovation in technology and technology driven applications. A new market place swamped by this technology driven economy are continuously ideating and developing various aspects of core value creation built on innovation. These are giving birth to newer solutions. The efficacy and benefits of implementation versus costs of ownership and management are also increasing. Moving away from technology is doing away with intrinsic competitive advantage. Implementation, management, regular maintenance, upgrades and continuous improvisation of solutions are a dedicated department and cost center for businesses. It is this which gave birth to on demand and user based licensing – SaaS – where a business is able to lease out licenses and services such as customization, implementation, IT support, training, application support and maintenance, servers and other capital expenditures (CAPEX).

SaaS is a form of Software Service where the application development company manages a solution intrinsically and centrally on a cloud, sharing costs and services across multiple businesses. This provides for improvisation and greater knowledge and cost capital spent on dedicated expertise and development on a common delivery platform. It helps achieve intrinsic goals of the individual who ideates the developer and the service recipient at fractional costs. SaaS is primarily driven with the core objective of reducing Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and increasing return on investment (ROI) without losing advantages of the core solution. At the development end – it is aimed at using scalable, reliable delivery platforms which are platform independent and can be scaled up for delivery cross platforms.

The solution needs to be customizable to become a snug fit solution – and thus, the generics of discovery, development, implementation needs to be well thought off.

At dharma.h – we partner with startups and corporates who ideate a vacuum or has a more efficient and scalable solution for common practices which can be improvised with technology. We have worked with multiple startups and have developed SaaS Solutions and maintain them too.

dharma.h has launched a few SaaS solutions which are proprietary products. These products are built to scale and are supported by the in-house elite development and support team at dharma.h. dharma.h uses reliable, audited and a well-managed server infrastructure for deployment of such solutions. Keeping in mind the need for security, scalability, robustness and flexibility and cross platform deployment – dharma.h has developed solutions which will help empower your business at fractional costs. We understand learning curves and have designed applications which are easily pluggable to your corporate infrastructure.

Click here to view some of our proprietary products which you can subscribe too.

dharma.h is a certified partner of Microsoft. If you are looking at hiring a team for your next big IDEA - get in touch with our Idea Experts. We will not only help you envision your idea – but will also give it shape and the technology cum business backing your idea needs to take to be a successful SaaS venture. We have ancillary services setup for start-up investments or for corporates who feel that they have a product in mind which can be useful for many.

Get in touch with our experts and consultants to develop an application based on SaaS or get in touch with our product sales team, if you are interested in one of the SaaS applications developed by dharma.h.

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