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User Interface Design is a very complex and ever evolving science. Why did Google become so popular over the earlier Altavista, Lycos, Yahoo and other Search Engines ? Why did Facebook take the social world - beyond the core value it created ? How did Apple redesign MP3 Players and Mobile Phones and came out with iPod, iPhone and take the world by storm! Why do we like some sites and why don't we like others? Why do we like some Applications and why don't we like others? Why do we like some layouts and why don't we like others? The core functional value that they all deliver might be the same - but there has to be something beyond the core functional attributes - which have lead to such monopolistic growth for certain product lines.

A product is more than functionality. It's the package. It's the Product and it's Design. The Design is the epithelial layer of any functional platform. It is the physical interaction between the User - a Human and the core algorithms, functionality or the content it delivers. The communication between an object which can be a system, information, space, or anything else and the Human through any form - physical or virtual.

User Interface - assists in combating the learning curve, making information/content and functional objectives delivered with convenience and prompt. User Interface deals with the human psyche and how it deals with information. It involves in understanding and designing systems which the Human Mind is easily able to interact with, decode, assimilate and control. Their are multitude benefits to a good UI - such as reduced training and support cost, smaller user documentation, smarter access to information - enabling highly engaged users. At the core - it's the delivery platform.

At dharma.h - we objectively approach a scenario or a platter of information and comprehensively design User Interfaces based on the objective it's designed to meet. If required, we we can even innovate new controls and systems or navigation systems and layouts for convenience and simplicity keeping the core objective and deliverables in mind. User Interface design encompasses every aspect of the delivery platform - be it - Website Designing, Mobile Website Design, Application Interface Design, Print and Brochure Design, Corporate Presentation Designs and other forms of communicational designs. Aligning, information hierarchy, design hierarchy, symmetry, consistency and other aspects assist in comprehension and response to interactions making them more fruitful and engaging.

Simplyfing complexities - removing the clutter - remodelling for functionality, designing and building a good UI involves a matured user centric approach. You need to go back to the design board and rethink smarter simpler tools in tandem with functionality, information, target audience and other factors or at times build demonstration models and work on them.

At dharma.h - Where Creativity Is Religion, we understand the evolutionary process of a UI. Our internal processes are built around evolution and growth of creative capital. With the prima facie of communication, delivery, desemination of information, brand building, functional and mission critical control systems - we strive to achieve the next step and evolve to the DNA of the future in UI Design - your ultimate and final delivery platform.

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